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  • hydrohoist boat lifts HP Extreme

    Protect your craft and enjoy fast and convenient access to the water with HP Extreme PWC Docking Platform. It features an exclusive bow bumper that slows your craft's foward motion and provides soft rest for the keel.
  • launch pad lift 6600 Launch Pad Lift - 6600

    The Launch Pad 6600 has raised the bar in submersible boat lift technology in both aesthetics and function. The 6600 supports boats up to 30 feet in length and has a 6600lb lifting capacity.
  • launch pad lift 8800 Launch Pad Lift - 8800

    This 8800 model has an all aluminum structure, ease of passenger loading, controls integrated with the lift, no complex electronics. Works with all hulls! The 8800 supports boats up to 38 feet in length and has a 8800lb lifting capacity.
  • slidemoor docking system Slidemoor Docking System

    The 24/7 peace of mind docking system. No slack, no bumping, no banging with a built in bumper. It's the easiest, quickest, most effective docking system on the market!
  • hydrohoist boat lifts Launch Pad Lift - 4400

    This base 4 tank LPL model features supports boats up to 24 feet in length that weigh up to 4400lbs. Like the other Launch Pad models, it features ease of passenger loading, no torsion bars and ease of assembly and installation.


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Tidewater is proud to now offer Launch Pad ® floating boat lifts, the next generation of boat lifts enhancing today's boating lifestyle. The Launch Pad is the newest in floating boat lift technology. Tidewater also carries SlideMoor Boat Docking Systems and HydroHoist boat lifts. Contact us today to see our products in person!

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