At Tidewater Boat Lifts, we are increasingly proud of our history, our products and our customer service but our greatest pride is our customers’ satisfaction with our boat lifts and accessories. Our number one goal is to provide boaters from all walks of life with the best quality products at affordable prices to improve their boating experience. Correctly caring for your boat investment takes time and energy… why not let Tidewater assist you along the way?


Chuck Gerber is the Owner of Tidewater Boat Lifts and has been responsible for the HydroHoist project from the very beginning. Working in conjunction with the in-house design staff and our outside designers, the HydroHoist team has brought together an outstanding product. Chuck is also responsible for bringing other product lines such as SlideMoor to the Tidewater line-up. Prior to Tidewater, Chuck served as Sales Manager for Hi-Tide, and spent 18 years at 3M Fire protection products. Before this he served at Watson Bowman Acme marketing expansion joint and bearing systems for the bridge highway and architectural market. In all positions he was intricately involved and had significant influence on new product development.


Tidewater Boat Lifts we have chosen three core values as the basis of our global business culture. These values define how we conduct ourselves and our business, and help us to create value for our clients, our people and our organization.