The Seahorse Tide Right is the only self-leveling docking system. It includes an engineered and patented a self-adjusting fender and cleat. Set the height of the fender for your boat and then let the built in float and the tide to the rest. Your fender will always be right where you need it!

To align the cleat and fender to your boat simply release the locking handles and slide to the appropriate height and re-lock! The fender and cleat will always be aligned to your boat no matter the tide!

Gives you the convenience of a floating dock! No more damage from growth on your pilings! Easily mounts on your dock or seawall. Mounting kits are also available with no drilling for marina, seasonal or transit installations!

No more slack lines! Holds your boat close to the dock for easy and safe boarding and loading! Seahorse Tide Right will slide with a spring line or with the piling and cleat not aligned!

Our cleat locks separate from the fender giving you the precise positioning of cleat and fender. There is also a second fender mounted just above the water line for added protection!